The Intelligent Approach To Tooling
What Is Intooligence?
Intooligence Diagram

The Intooligence system places checkpoints around your shop to collect data about how you are using your tools. That data is then securely transmitted back to Intooligence and is organized and displayed to your managers via a secure web-based interface available anywhere you have Internet access.

Know The Facts.
Reduce Setup Time.

Place your tool specifications at your operator's fingertips. Keep your tool data up-to-date with new dimensions, drawings, and balancing certificates.

Share Knowledge.

Your operators, toolroom operators, and maintenance personnel can share tips and tricks for tools. Setup technicians can recall notes from previous setups to dial in parameters as close as possible.

Know Your Limits.

List the proper feed rate and RPM that the operator should be ensuring.

Inform Everyone.

Place proper guidelines for safely operating, adjusting, and cleaning the machine at the operator's fingertips.

Peace Of Mind.

Receive a text message or email when maintenance is due. Make sure maintenance gets done. Upload your service documentation and maintenance notes. Know when you last performed maintenance and who performed it.

Know Your Costs.

See your purchase and service costs. Track your tool usage and see your cost-per-foot. Tools can be grouped to show the collective cost-per-foot.

Leverage Your Existing Tooling.

When you know what you have and where it is you can re-purpose tooling for a new job. Enable sales staff to view existing profiles that could be substituted for new requests.

Know What You Have.
Know Where It Is.

Track your standard consumable tool items like solid carbide router bits, tipped router bits, saw blades, and more. View your tools on-hand, tools out-for-service, consumption of tooling, and how many tools you dispose of per week, month, or even year.

Compare Tools.

No more hunches and gut feelings. Now you can view hard data on all your tooling and make data-driven decisions about which tooling is the best fit for your needs.

Know Your Budget.

Maintain tooling budgets per location and easily monitor them from an intuitive dashboard. Unique shopping list function allows operators to request tooling purchases and enables supervisors to approve the requests. The shopping list can also be populated from a re-order report making it easy to stock up on needed items with a few clicks.

Vendor Neutral.

There are no restrictions on what brand of tools can be Intooligence enabled.

Know Your History.

View service, usage, and movement history. View estimated costs, lead times, delivery dates, and enter service comments. Upload an updated drawing, balancing certificate, inspection report, and photos.

Identify Problems Ahead of Time.

Identify potential machine breakdowns before they happen by enabling operators to easily contact maintenance staff when they observe problems.

Know When Things Happen.

Intooligence has an alerting engine that can text or email you when a tool is flagged as damaged, maintenance is needed on a machine, or when an operator sends a message to maintenance.