The Intelligent Approach To Tooling
About Us
Intooligence was founded in 2010 by Ron Migedt. Ron, President of Intooligence, had a desire to create a solution for companies that struggle with controlling tooling costs and understanding their tooling expenses. Ron brings 25 years of experience in the woodworking tooling industry and has leveraged that knowledge to shape and help design Intooligence.

Jim Baad, Vice President of Intooligence, brings 5 years experience in Information Technology and spent 2 years in the woodworking tooling industry and serves as a bridge between the needs of the woodworking industry and the capabilities of information technology for Intooligence.

Travis Stutsman, Director of Development for Intooligence, brings years of programming experience from various industries and is the architect of how Intooligence is programmed. Travis has a passion for creating practical software that solves problems that businesses face every day.